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I teach flute, fife, recorder,
piano and music theory
and I offer lessons in Cheltenham, Stroud
and online.

Holly and piano
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I offer music lessons to all levels of ability 

from beginners up to grade 8


Child writing and smiling

and I teach a wide range of ages...

Adult playing piano

(but it's never too late!)






I love to teach creatively


and I aim to make music lessons

as fun and as interesting

as possible.

Why not book a trial lesson?

I offer lessons

at Holly Tree Melody in Cheltenham,

in Stroud and also online.

child laughing holding a recorder

I find that 


patience and positivity

are important

aspects of teaching,

whatever the age and standard of the student.

My aim is

for people to leave

their lesson smiling 

and with a sense of achievement!

For my younger pupils

I aim to keep the lessons fun, creative and varied.

I have a collection of reward stickers which boost the morale (and decorate the music books).

The toughest pieces to learn will always be

surrounded by extra 


I enjoy working with rhythm and music reading games and I tailor these to each individual.

hands playing piano

For my teenage and adult pupils: 

Whatever their reason for having music lessons

and however focused we may be

on achievements, grades and goals,

I firmly believe that our lessons and their practice at home should be

their time away from work and the every day pressures.

Many of my teenage pupils tell me that their music 

helps them with homework and revision.

I have adult pupils who say they feel refreshed after practising

and ready to get back to work / the to do list / life.

It's good to take breaks

and we do know that

music is good for us!


I don't follow a set lesson plan

and I don't have

a standard way of teaching,

just because each pupil is different

and to an extent,

each pupil leads me.

Teaher smiling

Vouchers for lessons

You could give a lesson

- or a set of lessons -

as a gift to someone

with a love for music

or a dream to try the flute, fife

or piano.

The vouchers don't expire and they can book their own lessons

as and when they like.

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Contact Holly

Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

Holly Tree


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