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Music theory

Child with music theory workbook

Music theory does not need to be hard and boring.

Honestly, it can be fun! 

I use a range of theory books and sheets for different age groups 

and different stages of learning.

I like to gently bring theory into my lessons

right from the start,

because knowledge of theory is important

and it supports the practical side.

How the theory is approached will vary with each individual.

Some have theory books right from the beginning,

but with or without these, I weave in the theory

using a variety of techniques.

 I think grade 5 theory knowledge is very useful

for musicians of intermediate standard  

- whether or not  the certificate is required in order to take grade 6 -

and so far, my grade 5 theory students have always chosen

to sit the exam to mark their achievement.

Sometimes people come to me from other music teachers 

specifically for grade 5 theory lessons, 

as at this standard, it can be difficult to find time for theory

during music lessons.

 Whether you're in need of lessons in order to take

your grade 5 theory,

or you'd like some music theory support,

or you're interested in learning an instrument 

combined with some music theory

and you'd like lessons in Cheltenham or online

look no further.

I can help!

I offer lessons at Holly Tree Melody.

If you'd like music theory lessons in Stroud, please go to 

Honeysuckle Music

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