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Piano lessons

I think the piano is a wonderfully rewarding instrument

to learn to play

young pianist

 I offer piano lessons at Holly Tree Melody

in Cheltenham.

I specialise in beginners and children

 and I really enjoy the creative lessons we have. 

Child writing on music


 I often include some music theory

 .....which we enjoy! 

 My collection of stickers play an important role in my piano lessons 

 (and not necessarily with just the young ones!) 

Child, piano, reward stickers

My approach is gentle


and I find encouragement is most important



.......for all age groups!

Adult pianist

If you're interested to see if the piano is the instrument for you,

or if you're looking for an introduction to music for you or your child and if you'd like lessons in Cheltenham,

look no further.

I can help.


If you'd like lessons in Stroud, please go to Honeysuckle Music  

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