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Recorder Lessons

child playing recorder smiling

The Descant Recorder

The descant recorder provides a gentle

introduction to music. 

It is an ideal instrument for young children,

as it's manageable for small hands

and playing it doesn't require lots of breath. 

The descant recorder is the one we all recognise as the recorder 

and it's often taught in class at primary schools.

I have pupils who loved learning the recorder at school and came to me because they wanted to take the instrument further

and I also offer support for children who are playing the recorder

at school and would like some extra help.

I offer my recorder lessons at Holly Tree Melody in Cheltenham, 

in Stroud and online.

The Treble Recorder

An additional option for adults, teenagers and intermediate players

I'm able to offer lessons in the especially sweet toned  treble recorder,

which is bigger and lower in pitch than the descant recorder.

I have several students who like to take exams, which I encourage,

as progressing through the grades suits a lot of people very well.

Grades 1 to 8 are available for descant and treble recorders.

I don't consider exams to be important for everyone

and I also have many pupils who choose not to take exams.

child laughing with a recorder

I will always prioritise enjoyment!

For my young pupils 

I like to use reward stickers

to celebrate all the little achievements! 

To me, encouragement

and marking achievement

are important for all of us

and learning an instrument

should be a positive experience, whatever your age and ability.


Are you looking for recorder lessons in Cheltenham or Stroud?

Whether you're considering an introduction to music for a child,

or thinking of giving the treble or descant recorder a go yourself,

or your child enjoys the recorder at school 

and you're wondering if they'd benefit from 

one to one lessons,


I would be happy to help and answer your questions.

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