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Fife lessons

a fife or small flute

What is the fife?

The fife isn't just a starter instrument for the flute,

of course, it is an instrument in its own right! 

The fife has been around since the 12th century 

and there are many different types of fife available.

The plastic one pictured above is the inexpensive one I use

when teaching fife in preparation for learning the flute.

For people who want to take up and continue with the fife,

wooden and metal ones are available in various keys.

Pictured at the bottom of the page is my Irish fife in D.

The fife is fabulous as a solo instrument or to be played in a group.

Can learning fife help with learning the flute?


For children who would like to learn the full size flute

but aren't yet big enough,

the plastic fife in C (pictured above) is perfect.

It is about the size of a descant recorder and very light,

so suitable for small hands.

With the fife, the child can practise making a good sound,

learn to read music

and learn the basic fingerings 

which will be the same when they switch to the flute.

When the time comes to move over to the flute,

the child will have had a good head start

and many aspects of playing will be very familiar,

so the transition is smooth.

Are you looking for fife lessons in Cheltenham or Stroud?

Whether you'd like to find out if the fife is the instrument for you,

or you're considering it for your child as an introduction to music, 

or you'd like your child to try it out in view of learning the full size flute,

I can help.

I have a fife for you to try

and I offer lessons at Holly Tree Melody in Cheltenham,

in Stroud and online.

traditional Irish fife
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