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Flute lessons

child playing flute

The flute is certainly

my main instrument

and I love teaching it!

While the flute is a great instrument

for someone who has 

never played any sort

of musical instrument before,

a few of my pupils have

taken it up as a second

or third instrument

and I have some adult pupils

who had flute lessons as children

and have since returned to it.

The flute is wonderfully versatile.

It's beautiful as a solo instrument,

but also nicely portable

for playing with others.

Many of my pupils enjoy playing in orchestras, wind bands

and folk groups.

Try Out / Hire a Flute

Don't have a flute?

No problem.

I have a collection of flutes available for people

to try out in their first lessons.

For those who would like to take a flute home,

these flutes are available for hire.

The idea is that people are able to have a good long

trial period, taking a decent flute home between lessons, 

while they decide whether or not the instrument is for them,

(although a couple of my students have been

happily hiring a flute from me for years!)

Are you looking for flute lessons

in Cheltenham or Stroud?

Whether you're curious to see if the flute is the instrument for you

or your child,

or you already play the flute

and you're wondering if I'm the teacher for you,

or you'd like to try out a flute and see what it's like,

I'd be happy to help.

I offer flute lessons and flute hire at Holly Tree Melody in Cheltenham,

 in Stroud and online.

Flute exams

I have a number of pupils who take exams, 

which I enjoy and encourage,

as progressing through the grades suits some people very well.

I have had many students achieve grade 8 over the years. 

I don't consider exams to be important for everyone - I also teach several people who choose not to take exams.

I will always prioritise the joy of playing the instrument!


Young children and the flute

Th flute is a good instrument for children and I have several young flute pupils.


The appropriate age to start 

learning the full size flute depends on physical development.

The length of the arms, size of the hands, lung capacity,

strength and stamina all affect readiness to start learning the flute.


My very young aspiring flautists who aren't yet big enough to learn the flute,

begin with learning the fife.

The fife is a mini flute, perfect for small hands

and a wonderful way to start learning to play the instrument,

while waiting to "grow into" the full size flute. 

Once the child is ready, the transition from fife to flute is smooth,

as well as quite exciting.


I find young children are usually fascinated by the flute

and want to inspect it to see which keys move which other keys, etc.

It's also a lot bigger than the fife and wonderfully shiny!

For more information on flute or fife lessons,

or to book a lesson in Cheltenham or Stroud,

please contact me below.

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